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My Medical Practice

Pathology Practice: I am a pathologist in locum tenens practice since 1982, based in east Tennessee. Contact me at rsrichmond at gmail dot com.

Histologic Techniques for pathologists and histotechnologists. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

5 lb spleen: My first venture into medical photography with a digital camera.

My Flickr photographs

Personal history links within this Web site

On May 22nd, 2002, I underwent open heart surgery to replace a congenitally stenotic (narrowed) aortic valve. Kathleen kept this page up to date while I was unable to do so.

Germany: I lived in Germany for two years as a military dependent when I was in high school.

Seven Oaks West is the subdivision I live in, just west of the city of Knoxville TN. (This page is not currently available.)

My sixth grade class: This page commemorates a favorite teacher, Miss Lorene Rees, at Mirabeau B. Lamar Elementary School in San Antonio TX. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

Fred Prado, the sports cartoonist for the now defunct San Antonio Light about fifty years ago - my reminiscences of him and the paper.

My third and fourth grade class around 1947 in a suburb of Atlanta, in a school long since closed.

Guinea pigs - my lifelong interest in guinea pigs, with a link to Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue.

My 1941 teddy bear has his own Web page (he's learning HTML). With an account of an arctoplasty.

When I went snorkeling in the Cayman Islands.

The Gastonia Greenway in Gastonia NC (just west of Charlotte) is one of my favorite places in the world.

Family history within this Web site

Genealogy: My family's genealogy and some family history. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

You'll find a "clean GEDCOM file" at my genealogy files. This file contains some of my family history in the standard computer (and Web) format, which is called GEDCOM. This "clean GEDCOM" file contains the names of no living persons other than its submitter.

My father's World War II unit: My father commanded the 242nd General Hospital in France in 1945. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

Humor Links within this Web site

Organic Rare Earth Healing: My very own contribution to New Age alternative medicine. I hope nobody takes this seriously, but, as Oliver Wendell Holmes the elder once noted, I never dared to write to as funny as I can. With a vital link to an alternative medicine resource. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

Pataphysique tries to account for the mad French playwright Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) and his strange Pataphysical Calendar.

Hum a Few Bars and I'll fake it is devoted to variations on that oldest of musician jokes.

I Love a Parade, or, My, My, It's Equestrian Pie: My sister wrote this pungent observation after watching the 1999 Tournament of Roses Parade. With a machine translation into alleged German, courtesy of Alta Vista's Babelfish. Surgeon General's Warning: Serious Potty Humor. (Please e-mail me if you want this link. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.)

Deutsche Bundesbahn toilet paper, with a performance of "Humoresque".

The Old Master Baiter buys a multilingual mouse trap, avec pèdale de fromage.

Fun with Harry Belafonte's Man Piaba song. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

Fun at Halloween.

Hopping John: A discourse upon this Southern New Years Day delicacy. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

Poetry and Arts Links within this Web site

Shape note singing: I'm an avid Old Harp (shape note) singer. THESE PAGES ARE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. With a page about a shape note tombstone in Lebanon, Tennessee.

The Old English Christmas Fete at Jubilee Community Arts in the Laurel Theatre in Knoxville TN. These pages are about verses and costumes in the Fete.

The Poem as Silence: Every year for several years (last in 2002) I offered a poetry reading workshop at the annual Gathering of the (Quaker) Friends General Conference. This Web site describes that workshop and links the poems to be read.

Sir John Harington's 1608 translation of the medieval Latin of the Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum (the Medical Poem of Salerno): poetry and medical history, on the Web for the first time.

Unter der Linde, a poem by the 12th century German poet Walther von der Vogelweide - Middle High German text, translation with notes, and illustrations. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

Ernesto Cardenal, a contemporary Nicaraguan poet.

In 1909 my great-grandfather Aaron Southwick published a book of poems, The Starry Crown, in eastern Kansas. Here are some pages about my great-grandfather and his book.

Paul de Man at Harvard - in 1958 and 1959 while an undergraduate at Harvard I took two literature courses from Paul de Man, then an unknown graduate student, who later became famous - and notorious - as one of the founders of the literary critical movement called Deconstructionism. These are my lecture notes. (Warning - industrial-strength Lit Crit.)

Personal Web sites: Talk given to my local Macintosh users group. THIS PAGE IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.


Visit to Miranda, my daughter at Harvard College in November 2000.

The Season's Edge - about a book of poems published in 1984 by my old friend Mary Nyman.

Old Pop Songs - the syllabus of my 7th grade arts appreciation class in 1950.

The Art of Dionicio Rodriguez, San Antonio faux bois (concrete made to look like logs) sculptor in the 1930's.

Draw Your Own Kokopelli! Drawing the petroglyph form of Kokopelli, the hump-backed flute player of the American Southwest. With some comments about the nonsense this archetype has engendered.

Language topics within this Web site

Shaw Alphabet: Links to various sites concerning the Shaw Alphabet, a proposed alphabetical reform for English. THESE PAGES ARE TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

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